The Graston Technique: An Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manual Therapy for Back Pain

April 10, 2013


There are many treatment options available for back pain caused by soft tissue problems, such as aback muscle strain. One method of treatment is soft tissue instrument assisted mobilization, which is a form of manual therapy designed to break down scar tissue and restrictions that are usually associated with some form of trauma to the soft tissue (such as a strained muscle, pulled ligament, tendon and fascia).

The instruments used in the Graston Technique are concave and convex-shaped handheld stainless steel instruments, which the practitioner rubs against the patient, using very specific methods, to help break down the scar tissue and promote a healing environment.

The Graston Technique is a relatively new form of soft tissue mobilization that uses specifically designed stainless steel instruments to help the practitioner identify and break down the scar tissue.

Soft Tissue Injuries and Back Pain

Most of the back is comprised of muscles, ligam.ents and tendons, and injuries to these soft tissues play a significant role in the pain and dysfunction associated with back problems. While it may not sound like a serious injury, a simple muscle strain or torn ligament in the back can cause excruciating pain and difficulty with movement

When an injury within the soft tissue occurs, the tissue repairs itself in a haphazard pattern, forming scar tissue. While the scar tissue itself is not painful, it does tend to limit range of motion, and the ongoing stiffness may contribute to back pain or neck pain on an ongoing basis.

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