Dr. Lal and Dr. Williams were phenomenal.

They were relentless in find the diagnostic for the low back pain, provided the right treatment, and helped me build a plan to stay in shape (and has been working!). Highly recommend if you’re having low back issues.

– Alberto F.

Super friendly, attentive and knowledgeable staff.

They took the time to get to know me, my injury history and work towards the root of my biomechanical imbalances which led to injury.

I’ve been injury free now for the past 10 months through a rigorous training program thanks to all the help I received from Amelia and Ryan.

– Gavin B.

Dr. Sonali Lal is a fantastic clinician.

Steroid injections have never worked for my back or knee pain. Dr. Lal was able to offer a choice of pain relief; in my case homeopathic Traumeel injections have kept me mobilized long after a surgeon suggested I opt for a disc fusion.

I feel so grateful that I did not go the route of back surgery.

– Rita G.

Dr. Lal is one of the most compassionate and intelligent doctors I have ever seen.

I am dealing with a rare medical condition that is causing muscle pain, weakness and tightness throughout my body. Most doctors have given up on me, but not Dr. Lal. She spends extra time with me and is doing everything in her power to get me better. And it is working. I am so lucky to have found her and her team of amazing physical and massage therapists at Integrative Spine & Sports.

– Jane B.

Amelia is amazing!!! Had lower back issues that only she was able to resolve. Book her ASAP for any PT needs.

– Hety

I am a long-time patient at Integrative Spine & Sports, which has been an invaluable resource for me.

Dr. Williams is a top-notch chiropractor as well as an incredibly personable and caring individual. The PT services are also first-rate. My physical therapist is patient and passionate about his work and I am seeing substantial improvement. Last, but certainly not least, the staff is always friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend!

– Ari F.

Dr. Lal & her staff are the best in the business.

They are knowledgeable, talented and always make you feel like the most important patient in the world. Because of Dr. Lal’s great work, I have fully recovered and feeling the best I’ve felt in years. Thank you for your amazing work. I’m forever grateful.

– Devon B.

I’ve received excellent welcoming care by Dr. Williams & his staff.

I am so grateful to have found them. Dr. Williams has been patient, thorough, and kind. He is extremely knowledgeable and has gone out of his way to provide care. The staff is wonderful as well. I frequent the 40th street location which is brand new and clean.

– Laura P.

I have seen Dr. Williams for chiropractic care and Sarah Wendler for PT. I just ran my first marathon with no knee pain, back pain or it band issues. I couldn’t have done it with out their help.
– Nancy B.

My experience with Integrative Spine & Sports has always been a positive one.

My experience with Integrative Spine & Sports has always been a positive one. My most recent experience related to a torn tendon in my right arm. The tear made it difficult/impossible for me to lift objects with my right arm. I worked with Kristin Sapienza, a doctor of physical therapy at the practice, for a short period but she felt we were not progressing. She recommended an MRI to determine exactly what was wrong. The results of that MRI showed the tear in my tendon.

Dr. Sapienza referred me to Dr. Sonali Lal, a physiatrist in the Integrative Spine and Sports office, for a possible procedure. Dr. Lal and I met and she showed me, on a sonogram, the tear. She said that it could be possible to heal this tear through a procedure called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). She recommended we try it.

The procedure is done in the office. My blood was drawn, and the platelet rich plasma was separated out. The injection of my own plasma into the tear was fast, but, I have to admit, for me, painful. The staff was incredibly supportive. They had prescribed a sling for the type of procedure I had because it’s important to keep the arm in the proper position for several days to let the plasma do its work. Pain killers were prescribed, but I did not feel it was necessary to take them after the first day. The healing is not immediate. It takes at least six to eight weeks to heal and it was important that during that time I was carefully guided through physical therapy and home exercises. I worked with Dr. Sapienza during this period.

The therapy was not arduous or time-consuming and I gradually gained strength and more normal abilities with my right arm. I returned to Dr. Lal recently for a follow-up sonogram of my arm and I could see that the tear had almost completely healed. This would not have happened had I not trusted the staff at Integrated Spine & Sports. Because I’ve had such good results with my treatment at this practice, I trusted them regarding this, to me, unknown procedure.

I would not have gotten better without it.

– Carol P.