Certain conditions can physically put a strain on the pelvic floor. Your bowel and bladder function also goes hand in hand with the pelvic floor.

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

The pelvic floor has quite a number of functions. It acts essentially as a hammock of muscles holding your organs. It is also a source of stability for overall core strength. The pelvic floor is also responsible for sexual function. When there is an insult or inflammation to the muscles of the pelvic floor, it can cause a variety of problems such as weakness leading to incontinence or possibly pain.

How can a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist help?

A pelvic floor physical therapist can help you address all of these issues. They look at your body as a whole and take an extensive history to find out why your current issues have occurred. Our consultations are 45 minutes long allowing you to get proper time to explain and tell your story to a compassionate provider as compared to shorter doctor visits. You may possibly be referred to specialists who may also enhance your care. While it may not be necessary for every patient, a pelvic floor physical therapist is trained to perform internal work in the vagina and rectum to help women and men accordingly treat their problems.

Pelvic Floor Therapy Experts

The sister company to Integrative Spine & Sports, FemFirstHealth, has a team of pelvic floor physical therapists, Kristin Sapienza or Sarah Wendler, to help you answer any questions. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment today!

Our integrative approach focuses on promoting healing, restoring function and alleviating pain.

Our integrative approach focuses on promoting healing, restoring function and alleviating pain.

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Our focus is on promoting healing, restoring function and alleviating pain for patients.

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