Susie Lunardi, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Susie Lunardi is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from New York University with additional certifications in strength & conditioning (CSCS), dance & sports performance (XPS, RKC, DSPCC), manual therapy (ART, FRC, IPA-FM, RockTape), nutrition (PN1), running analysis (RRCA, RunDNA), and yoga (RYT200).

Her specialty is fine-tuning motor patterns to improve mobility, stability, strength, and power while incorporating breath work, restorative care, and motivational coaching to prevent overuse injuries, alleviate acute pain, and increase sports performance.

Her holistic approach to rehabilitation has benefited several professional athletes including the NYC Ballet, USA & Israeli Olympic teams, NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, USATF, and elite marathon runners as well as numerous collegiate and high school teams, both in the clinic and with on-field assistance.

Prior to working as a physical therapist, Susie was a neuroscience researcher co-writing and collecting data for numerous publications at NYU (balance, vestibular disorder, hearing loss, dance), UC San Diego (Autism, music, memory, cognitive behavior, dance), and Mt Sinai (concussions in youth athletes).

In her personal time, she enjoys studying nutrition and business, setting weightlifting PRs, and international travel. She wants all her patients to know that they are capable of their physical recovery and she is here to guide them through it.