Dr. Catherine Grimes

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Catherine Grimes joins our team as a chiropractor at Integrative Spine and Sports. She graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences as a doctor of chiropractic with an emphasis in sports medicine. Although she is a West Coast native, she is excited to start her career in the big city.

Dr. Grimes grew up with an active lifestyle, playing pretty much any and every sport as a kid. She went on to play softball all through high school and volleyball through college. As a collegiate athlete, she had her fair share of injuries and learned all about the importance of functional rehab and how to prevent future injuries. Her first experience in the field was helping her teammates get taped up before matches and stretching after their competitions. All her time spent in the training room pushed her towards a career in the sports medicine field. She graduated with a business degree from Rhodes College and immediately began an education in human sciences in order to pursue her love of sports medicine. During her chiropractic training, she interned at two multidisciplinary practices, learning invaluable lessons about the diagnosis and treatment of patient conditions and the importance of working as a healthcare team.

Dr. Grimes is both the Webster Technique and ART certified, specializing in sports-related injuries in athletes of all ages and abilities as well as pregnant and postpartum women. but also treats a variety of patients of all ages and all types of conditions. She uses a variety of treatment styles to help her patients of all ages get better including soft tissue therapies and adjusting techniques. She believes in an active approach and helps her patients get involved in their treatment plans as much as possible. She is passionate about educating patients on how to prevent future injuries and live a healthier lifestyle and getting patients back to their normal routines.

Dr. Grimes still enjoys being active and tries to find a volleyball league whenever she can. She is an avid coffee drinker and Mexican food connoisseur, and enjoys wandering around the city finding new places to visit every day.