How to Treat Neurological Pain with Cellular Therapy

July 26, 2022


Cellular therapy is transplanting cells to replace damaged tissues developed using modern technology into the human body. The main aim of the therapy is to replace the missing or diseased cells.

Neurological conditions are one of the diseases affecting millions of people worldwide. The use of cellular therapy to treat the conditions has shown promising results in the last decades, attracting many people’s interest. Many conventional therapies have been developed and tested but are proven to have limited ability to alleviate the symptoms of these disorders.

Treating Neurological Pain using Cell Therapy

The use of cellular therapy in nerve treatment shows great promise in its effectiveness compared to other traditional methods like surgery. The therapy reduces nerve damage and improves the regeneration of tissues on the nerve cells, and in some cases, it may completely restore the functionality of the nerve cells. However, the effectiveness of cellular therapy varies from one person to another because of some factors such as:

  • The type of damage on nerve cells, whether new or existing
  • Different types of nerve damage exist l
  • Each person’s neurological situation is unique
  • This field is not yet fully developed to advanced stages; hence the results may vary

This means that though cellular therapy can have the potential to treat nerve damage, its effectiveness does not work in every case. For example, treating a nerve problem caused by diabetes is not the same as treating conditions caused by systemic diseases like Alzheimer’s.

How does Cellular Therapy Work?

The basic principle of the process is to restore the function of the nerve cell with new cells through transplantation. The cells can transform into tissue on the damage sites, like neurons or supportive cells. When transplanted to the body, they move to damaged areas when replicating and replacing the damaged cells, assuming the neurons’ role.

Can it Work on all Neurological Conditions?

Depending on the cause of nerve damage, cell therapy can be more effective in treating certain conditions than others. For example, repairing damaged peripheral nerves outside the spinal cord or the brain is easier because they possess the ability to regenerate naturally. In addition, cell therapy only works by treating and preventing nerve damage caused by immune diseases but cannot treat underlying issues and causes.

Is Cellular Therapy Safe?

In most cases, cellular therapy is safe if the cell is collected from the patient. This reduces the risk of unwanted reactions due to the introduction of foreign cells to the body. The use of unproven cell treatments can cause swelling growth of tumors, and cells may change to inappropriate types.

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