Telehealth Physical Therapy: 4 Reasons Why it Works

May 16, 2020


Telehealth physical therapy is more popular now than ever. With Covid19, quarantine and stay at home orders, many of our patients have been enjoying receiving treatment from the comfort of their own homes. But is telehealth physical therapy effective? Yes, many patient’s have shared, telehealth physical therapy works very well for them. Heres 4 reasons why:

1.) You can go over your exercises.

You can demonstrate how well you’ve been performing your home exercise program and have your physical therapist give you advice. You can also show your physical therapist what you’ve been doing for regular exercise at home and receive modifications for it. 

2.) Telehealth physical therapy helps improve your home environment.

You will also find more functionality to be able to continue with a home exercise program. If you’re working from home, your physical therapist can help improve your ergonomic set up to prevent poor alignment and possible future injury. For example, many patients newly working from home have reported new or worsening neck pain, and we have been seeing patients for neck pain treatment virtually from NYC.

3.) You have a safe space to ask questions.

Did you ever feel uncomfortable asking your physical therapist a personal question about your health in an open gym area? Now that you’ve had some space and time to think, you may have thought of some more questions to ask your physical therapist. Your physical therapist has a ton of resources for you in regards to helping you physically, but can also make you referrals to other doctors who may help you with specific needs. 

4.) You can figure out how to create your “acute pain tool kit”.

 Because of the current times, you may not have access to your doctor or have difficulty picking up your medication. If you are suffering from chronic pain and experiencing a flare-up, take the time to figure out how to create your own personalized “tool kit”. This includes certain exercises and positions that will help alleviate pain. It’s important to work with a telehealth physical therapist now to help you build your “acute pain tool kit”.

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