Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Tendon Injuries

October 2, 2020


At Integrative Spine & Sports, our main values stem from rehabilitation of injuries using the most conservative, non-invasive, and safest methods.

This includes the most effective combination of physiatry (non-surgical orthopedics), chiropractic, and physical therapy interventions.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an orthobiologic technique where plasma is extracted from our blood, then injected into the area of injury to accelerate healing.

The qualities of concentrated plasma have proven to initiate and support tissue healing, especially in chronic tendon injuries.

This method is very safe and minimally-invasive as it is your own blood platelets, also it is delivered as an injection which has minimal risks.

PRP at Integrative Spine & Sports

Dr. Sonali Lal is the Physiatrist at our office who performs the PRP injections in New York City.

Unlike many orthopedists who can push towards surgery, her main practice is to avoid surgery at all costs and return our patients to their prior functional level with the most researched and safest interventions.

When surgery too quickly, it can lead to early arthritis, tendon breakdown and other injuries down the line.   

What can PRP treat?

The most effective PRP injections include:

These chronic injuries are very common in runners and athletes, but can also happen to anyone due to repetitive overuse.

The research of PRP injections coupled with rigorous Physical Therapy after the injection is very strong for returning back to pain free function.

Our Physical Therapists and Dr. Lal have perfected a symbiotic relationship towards the success and healing of our patients.

We are in communication throughout the PRP process and have developed strict protocols supported by research to ensure for the maximum outcome of each patient.

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If you are experiencing chronic pain or have been diagnosed with a tendon injury, don’t hesitate to get evaluated by one of our clinicians to see if you’re a candidate for PRP.

It’s always worth it to try the conservative approach first!

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